This is a list of my “favorite” books, and books that are definitely worth checking out more than once.


The Book of Eleanor – Pamela Kaufman

Wintering – William Durbin

The Broken Blade – William Durbin

The Diary of Libby West: The Great Railroad Race – Kristiana Gregory

The Luckiest Girl – Beverly Cleaery

The Black Stallion and The Girl – Walter Farley

In The Shadow of The Alamo – Sherry Garland

Where The Great Hawk Flies – Lisa Ketchum

Moving On – Jane Candia Coleman

Willow King – Chris Platt

The Girls of Lighthouse Lane – ?

Stealing Away South – Katherine Ayres

Seeds of Hope – Kristiana Gregory

No Small Thing – Natality Ghent

The Blood Red Horse – K.M Grant

Green Jasper – K.M Grant

Blaze of Silver – K.M Grant

The Calico Captive – Elizabeth George Speare

Robin Hood – Paul D Storrie

When Ratboy Lived Next Door – Chris Woodworth

Betsy Zane:The Rose of Fort Henry – Lynda Durrant

Seven Alone – ?

Frankie – J. Sydney Jones

Teetoncy – Theodore Taylor

Ben O’Neal and Teetoncy – Theodore Taylor

The Odessey of Ben O’Neal – Theodore Taylor

Longest Ride – Denise Lewis Patrick

A Coal Miner’s Bride: TheDiary of Anetka Kamnska – Susan Campbell Baroletti

The Moneylender’s Daughter – V.A Richardson

The Raven Master’s Secret – Elvira Woodruff

The Good Dog – Avi

The Vanashing Footprints – Lois Walfed Johnson

Tucket’s Gold – Gary Paulson

The Counterfeit Prinsess – Jane Resh Thomas

Tom Cringle: Battle on the High Seas – Gerald Huasman

The Unresolved – T.K Welsh

The Secret Prince – D. Anne Love

Windcatcher – Avi

A Solitary Blue – Cinthia Voigt

Pick of The Litter – Bill Wallace

A House of Tailors – Patricia Reilly Giff

Nory Ryan’s Song – Patricia Reilly Giff

Maggie’s Door – Patricia Reilly Giff

Water Street – Patricia Reilly Giff

Counting on Grace – Elisabeth Winthrop

Desperate Journey – Jim Murphy

My Saucy Stuffed Ravioli – Cherry Wytock

Bear Dancer – Thelma Hatch Wyss

Ice Drift – Theodore Taylor

Reluctantly Alice – Phillis Renolds Naylor

The Last of the Mohicians – James Fennimore Cooper

My Last Skirt – Lynda Durrant

World of Adventure – Gary Paulson

A Gathering of Days – Joan W. Blos

The Warhorse – Don Bolognese

The Queen’s Soprano – Carol Dines

Give Me Liberty – ? Elliott

Outrageously Alice – Phillis Renolds Naylor

Lovingly Alice – Philles Renolds Naylor

Simply Alice – Phillis Renolds Naylor

Patiently Alice – Phillis Renolds Naylor

Dangerously Alice – Phillis Renolds Naylor

Click Here – Denise Vega

Caddie Woodlawn – Carol Ryrie Brink

Hank the Cowdog – John R. Erickson

Crooked River – Shelly Pearsall

My Name Is Sally Little – Song Brenda Woods

Forged In The Fire – Ann Turnbull

Firehorse – Diane Lee Wilson

Black Duck – Janet Taylor Lisle

The Silver Cup – Constance Leeds

Megiddow’s Shadow – Arthur Slade

The Education Of Patience Goodspeed Heather – Vogel Frederick

Star-Crossed – Linda Collison

Red Moon At Sharpsburg – Rosemary Wells

Betrayal – Finney

Conspiracy – Finney

Beware, Princess Elizabeth = Carolyn Meyer

Keystone Stables: The Winning Summer – Marsha Hubler

Bloody Jack – L.A. Meyer

Curse of The Blue Tattoo – L.A Meyer

Under the Jolly Roger – L.A. Meyer

In the Belly of the Bloodhound – L.A. Meyer

Evvy’s Civil War – Miriam Brenaman

Duchessina – Carolyn Meyer

Patience, Princess Catherine – Carolyn Meyer

Boston Jane: An Adventure – Jennifer L. Holm

Boston Jane: Wilderness Days – Jennifer L. Holm

Boston Jane: The Claim – Jennifer L. Holm

The Rifle – Gary Paulsen

The Red Thread – Roderick Townley

Time of the Eagle – Sherryl Jordan

Wind Rider – Susan Williams

My Lady Pocahontas – Kathleen V. Vudlinki

Cracker! The Best Dog In Vietnam -Cynthia Kadohata

Powers – Deborah Lynn Jacobs

Black Horses For The King – Anne McCaffrey

Mountain Solo – Jeanette Ingold

Peter Raven Under Fire – Michael Molly

Ghost Ship – Dietlof Reiche

Brooklyn Rose – Ann Rinaldi

Grace Above All – Jane St. Anthony

Billy Standish Was Here – Nancy Crocker

Death Mountain – Sherry Shahan

Much Ado About Grubstake – Jean Ferris

Longleaf – Rodger Reid

Phantom Stallion – Terry Farley

Last Child – Micheal Spooner

Wild Boy – Nancy Springer

The Heart Breakers – Pamela Wells

Big Fat Manifesto – Susan Vaught

The Moon Riders – Theresa Tomlinson

Cowboy Stories – ? ?

A True and Faithful Narrative – Katherine Sturtevant

Quest -Kathleen Benner Duble

A Ride Into the Morning – Ann Rinaldi

The Staircase – Ann Rinaldi

The Ever-after bird – Ann Rinaldi

Come Juneteenth – Ann Rinaldi

Cast Two Shadows – Ann Rinaldi

Forged in the Fire – Ann Turnbull

Minerva Clark Gives Up the Ghost – Karen Karbo

The Ripper of Storyville – Edward Hoch

Beige – Cecil Castellucci

Cures for Heartbreak – Margo Rabb

Learning To Swim – Cheryl Klam

Braving the Fire – John B. Severance

Lady Ilena: Way of the Warrior – Patricia Malone

Titanic Adventure: One Woman’s True Life Voyage Down To the Legendary

Ocean Liner – Jennifer Carter & Joel Hirschhorn

Blood On the River: James Town 1607 – Elisa Carbone

Rhiannon – Vicki Grove


4 comments on “Bookshelf

  1. Hi!

    I was checking on what Wind Rider was doing out in the world, and found it on your list of favorite books! How wonderful! I live in rural New York and my dog Spike, looks a lot like your Aussie who stole the broccoli! I’d like to grow such nice broccoli–maybe next year. I’m working on a sequel/next generation book to Wind Rider. Sorry I’m so slow!

    Susan Williams

  2. ^^haven’t read Wind Rider but i’m hoping too soon:)!!!

    and don’t apologize for being ‘slow’!! great things can’t be rushed, only conceived, planed, and writen

  3. Susan, Oh my gosh! I can’t wait for it to come out! Don’t worry about taking your time, it will only make the book even better! I’d love to see Spike.

    Logan, Thanks for leaving me a comment!!!!!!!!! You’ll love Wind Rider, it’s really good!

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