About Me

Me and Nick doing a leg yield

Me and Nick doing a leg yield

I’m a eighteen year old farm raised, home schooled girl from Northwest Oregon.

I’m interested in horses, cattle, ranching/farming, reading, writing stories, photography, listening to country music, playing guitar, horseback riding, playing with my dogs.

I especially love photography; I love to grab the camera and snap pictures.  It’s fun to capture an images and then put them on the computer and look at them.  It’s also fun to edit them.

Random Question: What kind of tape is best for creating a sculpture?

Duct tape, of course!  Haha, just kidding, um, I don’t know.


5 comments on “About Me

  1. I like your new blog format! This winter photo is actually one of my favorites that you’ve posted! Looking forward to more great posts from you!

  2. Hi there! I found your blog and was totally blown away. I’m homeschooled too and will be graduating in the fall. I’m headed to a local community college for a horticulture major, but anyway I was looking around and we have a lot in common!! I have horses and love photography. I’m also into heritage arts (lace making and tatting.) I love your dogs!! we had an aussie and she was the most incredible dog ever. I live in northern Illinois.
    So,yeah, just saying hi to another farm girl!
    Feel free to email me!
    ~Allison Henze

  3. This winter photo is beautifull…I like what you are doing…Great Job
    I live in Florida but was born in Canada where there is a lot of snow, so that reminded me of that I guess.
    Thank you 🙂

  4. We stumbled upon your website via a jpg you posted of a Hawthorn bush

    … As we were trying to identify a tree on our farm and were not even able to get the OSU sustainable gardeners to identify it without heading into their office (which is not close tour farm)

    We stumbled upon it with the key words in Google “Oregon purple Hawthorn” and found your photo identical the bush we were trying to identify

    Currently I am homeschooling my youngest (age 12) and we were just thrilled to see your reading list. Your photography is exquisite and we really enjoyed viewing the photos. The animal eyes are fun- and moon shots amazing.

    We live in Washington County OR on a grassland farm (has been wheat, oats, hay- depending on the year) plus walnuts and Christmas trees. We have vegetables too but don’t always get to these harvested before the wild rabbits and deer do. We are surrounding my neighboring hazelnut orchards and vineyards.

    Great photos. Thank for posting these for others to see. Thanks to you now we know that the mystery tree on our road is indeed a “Hawthorn tree”.

  5. A very good site. Homeschooling is clearly working very well for you, and also for my nephews here in England. I agree 100% with my sister’s decision to homeschool. The local schools are pretty bad, it has to be said.

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