5 comments on “Sunday Stills Challenge: Weather or Not

  1. I almost can’t believe these pictures are from the Oregon that we know and love! (Just like I almost couldn’t believe the ones we got from our neighbor … or the reports we got from our daughter.) Just amazing…..

    Nice to find an Oregonian blogger and I’ll come back and check out your past posts as I have time for a welcome taste of “home” (we will be there to visit during the summer for real, but I’ll enjoy the virtual visit in the meantime)..

  2. I’m not sure my post went through when I used my real identity (this is my WordPress alias) — I’m Sallie (FullTime-Life). Just wanted to thank you for the taste of Oregon — and I almost can’t believe this is spring in the western Oregon we know and love (except I also got snow pix from our Oregon neighbor and heard from our daughter)….It is nice to find an Oregon blogger and I’ll be back to look at your backposts as I have time, for more taste of “home”…we’ll be back to visit this summer, but it will be nice to virtually visit in the meantime.

  3. these photos are beautiful, the snow looks lovely, although i’m sure you’re over it by now
    we’ve had some weird weather starting autumn

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