6 comments on “Sunday Stills Challenge – The Letter “B”

  1. Fantastic to see bees. Our area was and I think still is fighting a bee virus. I worked for an accountant who kept bees, and he was hit by the virus. It was really sad to open up a hive to find all your bees dead. Looks like you will be having a great crop of apples in the future.

  2. Last year, I took some pictures of the bumble bees in the rhododendrons. They, um, did not like my presence one bit. Oh, you should have heard the buzzing! There was no nest nearby, so I don’t know what their beef was. The bees in the garden didn’t mind at all, though. I could get right up to them and snap as many pictures as I wanted. They were much more “zen”! Your shots are great, as always.

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