6 comments on “Success at last!!!

  1. “Dog food bag tripod” definitely qualifies you as one of Jeff Foxworthy’s redneck peeps, Lyds. Not that it matters– since YOU my friend have finally stumbled upon the cure to our moonlight madness. Tutorial is extremely easy to understand, as well. Which is important. And YES. That shot is more than love. It’s the Joe Don of moon shots. I LOVE how you can see the letters on the weathervane. Just amazin’.

    PS. I did not wake up at five your time to read this. ;D

  2. I’m not from your neck of woods, but is that a Shaggy-Headed woodpecker I see in that tree? I hear they show up yearly instead of every two years, like the rare and anticipated sightings of the Urban Blue Eyed Song Bird. Just sayin’

  3. Great job and the shots are really good. Thanks for sharing all your experiments. I’ve yet to get a good moon shot. Now I know a little more. Good luck in your class and have fun!

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