3 comments on “Snow?

  1. I don’t like this cold, hope your cows are doing OK. How’s the driving lessons going? We try to steer clear of your place when we think you’re on the road. 😉

  2. Brrrr! Poor little birdie. I haven’t seen a single bird for 2 days. The snow arrived here in Beaverton in the wee hours Sunday morning. I think the total accumulation was something like 2 inches. The bad thing here was the wind and ice. I don’t remember wind gusts ever being this strong for this long (Sunday through present). My 18 ft. vine maple tree in the back yard blew over last night … the limbs and trunks didn’t break anywhere … just tipped over … thankfully in the direction away from the house. I’ll miss it’s shade this summer when it’s in the 90’s again! Did you get a day off from your homeschool studies? I had mercy on my son and only did a couple lessons before declaring it a snow day! You’ll be pleased to know that one of the lessons I skipped for him was Algebra! Keep warm!

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