4 comments on “Random shots of the last two days

  1. I love the yellow leaves in the background in the first squirrel shot. He is a cute little fella. Great sunrise photos. It always amazes me how sometimes I cans see the mountain and sometimes not. We usually say, “the mountain is out today” or some such thing. The prior poster (that looks like your mom’s avatar photo) mentioned a saying similar to what I learned … “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight; Red sky in the morning, sailor’s take warning”. In either case, the colors sure are lovely to look at.

  2. Gordon, The saying works for any type of profession… At least you don’t have to wake up to mud.

    Paula, He’s color and the yellow of the leaves go nicely together, don’t they? What’s funny is that if you just go out in the field a little ways, you can quite a bit more of it. You were right, it is her avatar, she’s just messing with me…

    Shirley, It’s a Kodack Easyshare Z712 IS

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