6 comments on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Impressive photo… great camera shot and great work by the spider! Nature sure knows what it’s doing. I wonder if the people who crocheted the first lace pieces were inspired by such a view. I feel the need to go re-read Charlotte’s Web!

  2. I’m SO glad you moved over to WordPress. Great picture, one of your best I’d say. I’ve been trying to get a cobweb shot but all this wind has blown them apart:(

  3. Paula, Thank you. You know, about a month ago, I read a book about this one family who made lace in Spain in the 1500’s and they were inspired by spiderwebs. For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the book, but spiderwebs are definitely inspiring!

    Linda, Hopefully now you won’t have anymore comment troubles! Yes, the wind does wreak havok on webs.

    JPB, I didn’t know that you could hike your leg up that high! And you never know, you just might get one of the barbs stuck in the bottom of your Romeos.

    Threecollie Thanks! I love your avatar, by the way.

  4. Hey, I’m back with another comment. My youngest daughter had a fright today … a surprising encounter with a big spider that scared her. This is saying something because she is not afraid of creepy crawlies of any type, and actually appreciates multi-legged things (especially lady bugs). ANYWAY … to help alieve her fears, I logged in and showed her your spider web photo. We talked a long time about what type of spider could have created this, how big the spider could be, how long it took to spin this web, how old it might be, if it was a successful netting device, etc. Then we simply talked about how pretty it was with its lacy pattern and how mother nature can give us such pretty visual gifts. So, thanks again for posting the photo. It’s helped a little 9 year old appreciate the eight legged earth creatures once more.

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