5 comments on “Wild Gelding of the Columbia Gorge

  1. Congrats!! Loved reading the story of your 1st horse, what a special man he is!

    Love the pics~I will say the last one is my favorite!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a terrific story! I’m impressed that you pursued your dream and saved your money to make it happen. Nick is a beauty of a horse. Personally, I think he looks so much happier and content in the current photos vs. when you first brought him home. Coming to live with you was a sort of rebirth for him! I enjoyed each photo, especially the winter shot.

  3. Threecollie, me too!

    Kdwhorses, Thank you! Yes, he’s very special. I can hardly believe I’ve had him for three years.

    Paula, Aw, thanks! It wasn’t too hard to save it, the hard part was waiting for a suitable horse to come along.

    I think he’s much happier here, too. 😀

  4. That’s a great story! Thanks for sharing, and I think Nick looks like a pretty happy horse. Good for you for taking him from those folks who didn’t know how to treat him. I agree that he looks more like a Morgan.

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