4 comments on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. What a great profile! Looks like he’s ready for anything … on foot or behind the wheel! I just noticed you updated your bio. Just yesterday, I saw on your mom’s blog that you are just a year older than my oldest girl! I’ve got to say your talent behind the camera is way beyond your age in years! My hubby is a large format photographer so I’m somewhat familiar with the craft (although my own talent in that arena is woeful). Anyway, I hope you keep up with it … it’s a gift meant to be shared! Oh, and homeschooling rocks!

  2. Paula, he loves to hop in the front and just sit in there and watch us.

    Thank you. My mom is always complementing my camera skills. I think it all has to do with your eye and how you see things.

    Yes, homeschool does rock, I love it!

    Linda, Yep, he’s a smart guy!

    Kdwhorses, Yes, I think his is watching Mom.

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