3 comments on “I’m feeling squirrelly…

  1. Aw, he’s just a little guy! Seems like there are more squirrels and raccoons around this year … I live in suburbia so that’s saying something. We also have a family of skunks that moved in my vicinity this summer. Poor guys have probably been displaced by yet another development somewhere. Nice to see your little guy out doing his thing in his natural habitat. Great photos!

  2. Paula, He actually won’t really get any bigger, but they are the cutest little things.

    Hope your skunks don’t spray under the house!

    Kdwhorses, They are! About a month back when it was so hot, I was sitting behind our holly hedge by the road, trying to stay cool, and one of the spirrels would sit on a limb and watch me. If I talked to him, he’d come closer, or if he was in a differnt tree, he’d run over and see. It was very funny to watch.

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