5 comments on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Wow, you have one mighty fine camera lens! Love the crispy images you capture and post. Can’t wait to see what pictures you snap in the Fall.

  2. Sorry to post twice, but every time I log on here I mean to comment on this and forget. So … I’m doing it now. I’ve been meaning to comment that I love your scrolling song lyrics, and each time I see it, I end up humming that song for the rest of the afternoon! Great tune!

  3. Linda,Thanks! They look so cool when they’re folded up.

    I found my header picture when I was going through the Kodak program thing, looking for a totally different one.

    Kdwhorses, That is a bracken fern. It likes sun and grows pretty much everywhere that’s not hot and dry or cold and dry. It’s poisionous to cattle and horses if they eat it, which they won’t unless it’s dried in a flake of hay.

    Paula, don’t worry about posting more than once, we all forget to say stuff that we meant to say.

    Thank you! It’s amazing all the stuff that camera can do if you can react fast enough, get it on the right setting, and the subject doesn’t run away. Luckly plants can’t run!

    Glad you like my lyrics!

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