6 comments on “Colors of Fall

  1. Really enjoyed your post this morning. I snagged a copy of the poem–really hit the spot. I know what you mean about not being ready for the summer to end. Feel a bit bittersweet every evening when we finish up at the barn. Another summer day finished and winter is that much closer. I just don’t want it to end.

  2. I hear you about not being ready for summer to end. Although it’s gorgeous today, I know that the clouds will be here soon, and will stay for months. I look forward to see what berries you harvest, as well as the apples!

  3. I hear you about Fall being upon us. Although I love all the beautiful fall colors, I miss the long daylight hours and I certainly miss the sunshine warming my face. Seems like summer was quite abbreviated this year. Did you get the hay completed? Looking forward to seeing what you do with the berries and apples!

  4. I love this time of year the best. The days are cooler the workload doesn’t slow down maybe but it changes. After the first hard frost there are no longer bugs to bite and after the garden is put to bed and the leaves turn life seems much easier………..until WINTER!

  5. Pamela, glad you like the poem, it’s a great song.

    I totally agree about coming in for the night, knowing that you’re one day closer to winter.

    Paula, I know, it’s beautiful one day, and cloudy the next. Just yesterday, we were all socked in with clouds in the morning and it eventually burned of and got hot, but the early morning with sun just peaking over the trees. Got most of the berries picked (yay), but there is still the blackberries.

    Linda, Fall isn’t so bad, but then, BAM, winter hit and you’re back at it again.

  6. I love fall too,it’s such a beautiful season. And hazlenuts! You lucky girl; those are my faves. Haven’t had a tree of them since I was a kid.

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