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  1. Oh, I just love the picture of Trace with the broccoli. Dogs are so funny. Years ago I had one that had a fascination for parsnips. I lived in a little four-room cabin then with no finished inside walls. He used to steal parsnips and drop them down the walls or through the open stairway or push them into little hiding places all over the cabin.

  2. Maybe Trace thinks the pigs just get too much of the good stuff?
    Cauliflower is one of my favorites. Are you back in school yet?

  3. Your produce looks terrific … so full and beautiful! No wonder the doggie wanted to carry it around … even the veggie scrap pile looks good! I just read a recipe for a crunchy broccoli/cauliflower salad. Guess I’m getting hints to give it a try!

  4. ROTFL!! Love the picture of him and his prize!! At least it is a healthy prize he found! *and not a dead, smelling, carcus or something of that nature!

    Nice looking cauliflower and broccoli, sounds yummy!!

    We had broc/caul. with butter and seasonings last night too!

  5. Threecollie, I know they have such funny personalities. Our dogs love parsnips too, they like to carry them around and eventually eat them.

    Linda, That could be… They do get alot of good stuff that dogs like to eat.

    Yes, actually I am, I started the 28th of August, and I think the last day is June 5th.

    Paula, Wow, that’s some powerful sounding hints!

    I’m so glad that there is almost twenty more heads out there!

    Kdwhorses,That’s very true, I didn’t think of that. Sometimes he does get out some pretty gross stuff.

    The secret I found to growing it is to put a bunch of compost on it right after planting and water it in really good.

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