8 comments on “** Dial-up users beware**

  1. Yum! That looks so good. Too bad for me, I don’t have fresh basil or a food processor! Looks like I need to get both.

  2. Great pictures…I just wanted to tell you I am having trouble reading you in Firefox. If I load in IE I can read the dark type, but in Firefox I have to highlight it….maybe it is just my computer…

  3. Your dog looks like he would like some more! Garlic is really good for them, I feed it to my horses when I give them grain.

  4. The Wife, believe me it will be worth it to spend the money on a FP. I think ours was only $45.

    Threecollie, Thank you for telling me, I appreciate feed back on any problems you are having with the blog. I changed the layout and made the text lighter, so hopefully it’s easier to read!

    Shirley, he does, he’s begging me to make more. Do you chop up the cloves, or do you give them garlic powder? I heard it helps with flies too, ’cause then the horse doesn’t taste as good.

  5. Well done on that pesto!!! I love that you used toasted pine nuts; using the toasted ones really enhances the flavor. Gosh, I want to reach through the screen and nab a couple of those jars! Your kitty cat is darling. She must be very happy with her new home if she’s “making biscuits” on your legs already! I envy your pooch getting to lick up when you were finished! YUM!

  6. Man that pesto looks awesome! I, like the wife don’t have any fresh basil or a food processor! 😦

    Your little helper, is a cutie! He is glass eyed or just have blue flecking in his eyes?

  7. Kdwhorses, He’s glass eyed. If you use the flash, or the light is just, his all blue eye will be red. I don’t know why, but it’s kinda cool. Our old dog, here’s were always green.

    Threecollie, your welcome!

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