6 comments on “First broccoli and a summer treat

  1. Thanks for the recipe! I always wondered how these were made and we seem to have a lot of blossoms this year.

  2. Great looking broccoli!
    Will have to try that treat out, sounds and looks great!
    I love my faithful companion, so nice to have a constant supervisor!! LOL!

  3. Nita, I’ll make some today…

    Threecollie, Your welcome! We have alot of blossoms too.

    Kdwhhorses, yes, the broccoli had nice big head, not like the small button one that I sometimes get!

    It must be an aussie and border collie thing, because most other dogs will let you go to the bathroom by yourself! and go to the garden, too!

  4. What a wonderful blog you have! Your photography is great. Speaking of great, that broccoli bounty looks terrific, and your squash blossoms look wonderful. Hmmm … I have some unsuspecting blossoms in the garden now … and I am a little hungry! 🙂

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